Lectures and Presentations


"Good Old-Fashioned Reading." The Fate of Professional Reading: Reports from the Field. Department of English, University of Iowa. March 1

"Good Old-Fashioned Reading." Reading Generative AI: Theory/Data/Critique seminar. Annual conference, Modern Language Association. Philadelpha. January 5


"Distributional Semantics without Distributionalism." Digital Theory Lab. New York University. September 29

"Indexing Semantic Association." Technolinguistics in Practice. University of Siegen. May 25


Participant, Model Realities seminar. Annual conference, German Studies Association. Houston. September 6-9

"Preprocessing the Word." Source Code Criticism seminar, University of Basel. March 26


"Plaintext Scrim." Annual conference, Modern Language Association. Seattle. January 9


"Script Hacks and Visual Spoofs." Creative Multilingualism: Scriptworlds. University of California, Santa Barbara. May 31

"The Edge of Sense." Annual conference, Society for Textual Scholarship. The New School. March 21

"The Error that Catches the Eye." Annual conference, Modern Language Association. Chicago. January 5


"Scanbed Poetics." Annual conference, Electronic Literature Organization. University of Montreal. August 14

"Font Futures." Wireframe Studio symposium: Future Tripping. University of California, Santa Barabara. April 24

"Wordless Labor." Annual conference, Modern Language Association. New York City. January 6


"Linotypes and Linotext Minima." Cal DH work session. University of California, Los Angeles. November 22

"Fugue States." Hearing Things seminar. Annual conference, American Comparative Literature Association. University of Utrecht. July 6–9